Justice Delayed but Delivered wins national award for best film on social issues

On Friday, the Jury for the 68th National Film Awards announced the winners for the year 2020. Justice Delayed but Delivered, directed by Kamakhya Narayan Singh and produced by Mandeep Chauhan, received the national award for best film on social issues.

Justice delayed but delivered:

The film is the story of Radhika Gill and lakhs of other victims of Article 35A in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Radhika is a Valmiki girl who belongs to the scheduled caste. Her family along with hundreds of others was brought from Punjab to Jammu and Kashmir to work as sweepers there. Radhika’s father works hard to educate her, he wants her not to become a sweeper. Later, Radhika clears the entrance test to join Border Security Force. However, she is told that she does not have the Permanent Resident Certificate of J&K and hence cannot join the BSF. According to the rule, all the Dalit Valmikis can take up only one govt job, the job of a sweeper. Radhika’s struggle takes us to another ugly side of Article 35A, the discrimination against women.

The film also features Rashmi Sharma, a PRC holder, unfortunately, married to a non-PRC holder, and hence is stripped of all her rights. Even her sons are denied basic rights like Central Scholarships for higher education and professional courses.

Justice delayed but delivered encapsulates the journey of these victims, compelled to live like refugees in their own country, denied rights, and deprived of all privileges. The film revolves around Article 37 and Article 35A of the constitution.

As per ANI, director Kamakhya Narayan had earlier said, “I feel proud of what we did through this documentary. The short documentary tells the story of the struggle and hope to the Valmiki community in Jammu and Kashmir. The film revolves around the abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution.’ 

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