Huawei showcases seamless, targeted advertising to reach SA mobile users

In a challenging, saturated digital environment where target markets are increasingly prone to ‘banner blindness’ and information overload, marketers need intelligent, targeted solutions to reach the right consumers who are receptive to their message. Aiming to help brands achieve this, Huawei Ads is available in South Africa to deliver improved ROI on digital marketing.

This emerged during a webinar for marketers hosted by Huawei Ads this week.

Adrian Naidoo, managing partner at Mindshare SA, said digital marketing trends had changed since the Covid-19 pandemic as consumer use of digital platforms soared: “Before the pandemic, there were 29 000 businesses spending 20% of their marketing budget on digital media. Post-pandemic, they are spending around 35% of their budgets on digital media.”

However, the challenges and considerations facing digital marketers in South Africa include that the country is an opt-in environment enforced through POPIA, that frequency is 47% understated and reach is 89% overstated, around 45% of the total addressable market is using ad blockers, and 29% of browsers reject cookies while 64% of cookies are deleted, Naidoo said.

“Finding quality ecosystems where we can find the right consumer at the right time is important,” he noted. “Marketers now need to buy attention instead of impressions.”

Rudi Massyn, business development manager at Huawei Ads, said: “Now organisations need to use data instead of vanity metrics and hard sell approaches in advertising and marketing.”

“In the current marketing environment there are three major points on agendas – gaining access to new markets, getting more precise marketing data and analytics, and understanding the ROI and real value of digital marketing,” he said.

Marketers now need to buy attention instead of impressions.

Adrian Naidoo, Mindshare.

Massyn explained that Huawei Ads has detailed first party data with insight into individual users. “The Huawei ID allows marketers to reach individual users, with access to users who aren’t being reached in other digital campaigns. Our inventory is both our own, via Huawei applications, and also through strategic third-party suppliers through applications used and downloaded hundreds of millions of times,” he said.

Qiao Yang, Business Development Manager at Huawei Ads.

Qiao Yang, Business Development Manager at Huawei Ads.

Massyn outlined features and benefits such as location-based scenario tags, attribute tags to understand user ages, locations and devices, and interest tags indicating how users behave online, what they buy, and their travel behavioural trends, to build a full circle demographic. With AI to refine the understanding of users, the data management platform also offers features to retain clients and build lookalike models for audience extension.

 “We are bridging the gaps, helping marketers achieve targets even when everyone is targeting the same people. You get a premium solution at a cost-effective price, with diverse ad formats for fully diversified campaigns, strong creatives, and tracking tools that quantify success. We build partnerships with advertisers to help them find certain communities and LSMs, and achieve their targets, with a full funnel across impressions, clicks, downloads, installs, activations, retention and payment.”

Now organisations need to use data instead of vanity metrics and hard sell approaches in advertising and marketing.

Rudi Massyn, Huawei Ads.

Dr Michelle Potgieter, director of marketing and communications at Huawei Mobile Services, noted that in 2021, there were 730 million daily and monthly active users using Huawei devices, 580 million monthly active users using the Huawei mobile ecosystem, and 5.4 million developers registered globally, developing the Huawei apps and ecosystem.

In South Africa, there are over 8.5 million Huawei device users, with Huawei holding 30% market share of device users in the country. Huawei Mobile Services SA’s Petal Search reaches 2 million users monthly and over 770,000 per day. In addition, it reaches 3 million monthly via Huawei Video, and 2 million each through Huawei Browser and Huawei Assistant each month. Its App Gallery had 42 million new downloads in South Africa for all partners last year.

Qiao Yang, business development manager at Huawei Ads, explained that organisations can simply register on the Huawei Ads site as a direct advertiser or Huawei Ads partner. “Huawei Ads believes your KPI is our KPI. We support joint promotions, with DMP insight support, campaign support and project management. Huawei Ads also offers asset localisation, creative resizing, asset reviews, bidding support, ROI analysis and cost reduction support, among others,” he said.

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