How Much the Tom Cruise Movie Has Grossed, and Where it Ranks All-Time

Tom Cruise needed more than three decades and some convincing from the director to make Top Gun: Maverick. The movie was a long time coming, but it needed only a few weekends to become the most successful Cruise movie ever. Maverick has continued to soar despite facing stiff box office competition, but how much has it grossed, and where does it rank all time? Let’s find out.

Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ | Paramount Pictures/Skydance/Jerry Bruckheimer

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ had a $170 million budget and several delays before jetting into theaters

Top Gun: Maverick ran up a $170 million budget, according to IMDb. In addition to actor and crew salaries and paying for equipment, part of that budget includes promotion. And seemingly everyone involved in the movie did everything they could to spread the word.

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