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What most economies need today is transformation, change and innovative services that challenge people and bring about development, and that’s partly the role of entrepreneurs.

Emmanuel Musoni, a human resource manager, says entrepreneurs are essential to market economies today. They stimulate new employment opportunities through innovation, hence act as the wheels of economic growth of a country.


He enhances that, some individuals are born with entrepreneurship skills that drive them to start finding the world’s problems through private enterprises while others will pursue the skills and work very hard to cultivate that mindset of entrepreneurship and seek ways to keep it strong.


Experts share five ways to help cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and keep it strong.



Musoni says it is very important to focus on the passion you were born with. Focusing on what interests you motivates you to do more research, studies and build a network around it. 

Every innovation plays a crucial role in the country’s economy; but this doesn’t mean people will do the same thing.

“This comes after knowing your goals and where you want to be in a certain period of time. Confusion may arise in this case, making it important to seek professional help,” he says.

Embark on upgrading your knowledge and growth

Successful entrepreneurs acknowledge they don’t know it all. Make personal development part of your lifestyle and goals too. Improve your routine, consider reading new challenging books, practice new skills and do more research and make the use of time.

Build a strong team

James Kisakye, an entrepreneur highlights that the most significant factor in your life is the community around you. Attract your goals by being around people who have the same vision as you do. Get new connections to other entrepreneurs and learn their mindset and way of doing things. This will as well open more doors for you and help you grow.

Embrace risks not failure

This will always be part of your journey to the road of success, but it’s crucial to remember every time you want to quit why you started the journey and how it will not only impact you but the community around you. Do not let pride get in the way of asking for help and support, team work makes the dream work, Kisakye says.

Set small achievable goals

According to a Tedx talk show on entrepreneurship, it is easy to lose the sides of the finish line when it is so far away. To help you get to your destination, break down your huge tasks into manageable ones. This way, you can hold yourself accountable and stay focused and make progress.

“Freedom of working for yourself and doing something that you really love and making a good living from it, it is truly priceless.”

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