Fans Rage After ‘Batgirl’ Film Gets Shelved

The reaction from fans to Warner Bros.’ decision to scrap Leslie Grace’s “Batgirl”Movie is, to put this mildly, extremely negative.

In addition to shock and outrage over the decision, there was a lot of conversation on social media about the Ezra Miller elephant in the room. “Flash” film is still on the slate despite months, literally months of increasingly bad headlines from the actor’s ongoing, very public personal scandals.

Warner Bros. Discovery will not be available “Batgirl,”It was available either theatrically or on HBO MAX. This effectively ended the $90million project that had been almost completed. The film starred “In the Heights”Star Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon’s title role

“Talk about waking up and choosing violence,”One person tweeted. One person tweeted. “All of their hard work deserved to be seen by the world.”

But more were infuriated by the idea that Leslie Grace’s solo outing was shelved due to monetary reasons, but Ezra Miller’s upcoming “The Flash”Despite his indiscretions, the film is still on schedule for release.

Earlier this year, Miller was arrested in Hawaii for assaulting an unidentified woman at a private residence — just two weeks after they were arrested for disorderly conduct. According to police reports, Miller was a 29-year-old actor. “became irate after being asked to leave and reportedly threw a chair, striking a 26-year-old female on the forehead, resulting in an approximate half-inch cut.”

Miller was then charged in June with using “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs”They used an 18-year old activist that they had known since she was 12 to manipulate her. A Massachusetts mother and her 12-year old child were also present that month. Miller were issued a restraining warrantAfter accusing Miller, Miller was alleged to be erratic “inappropriate”Verhalten that is harmful to the child

Miller was the most recent to be reelected. Multiple people were accusedMiller was accused of housing a woman and her children in Hawaii. Miller was also accused in the running of an unlicensed cannabis farm. Miller has not spoken out publicly about these events, but Miller was defended by others involved. He is also Police believe that the suspect is hiding from them.

Miller’s infractions have even resulted in fans calling for the actor to be replaced by CW’s Flash, Grant Gustin. After hearing the news of “Batgirl”After being tossed, the outrage was still fresh.

“If they’re willing to set $130 million on fire to not release Batgirl or Scoob! Holiday Haunt, then WB have absolutely zero excuses not to scrap The Flash given the circumstances surrounding Ezra Miller. the amount of money spent on it cannot function as an excuse anymore,”One person spoke out on Twitter.

“The fact that they’re shelving Batgirl but still planning to release that The Flash movie and praying somehow no one has read a single Ezra Miller story online for the past two years is…a choice,”One person wrote.

“WB not cancelling The Flash after all the Ezra Miller bulls— but they cancel Batgirl????? HUH?????”Another tweet.

Others claimed that the scrapping made the project even more interesting. “Exactly how bad does a superhero movie have to be for a studio to waste $90 million and not run it? could it be so bad it ruins the genre for good? if so, it’s gotta come out yesterday,”One person wrote.

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