Everything We Know About The Teen Wolf Movie

From returning characters to possible plot points, here is everything we know about Teen Wolf: The Movie from the trailer, rumors, and announcements.

After so much speculation and some worrying updates, the trailer released on July 22nd finally revealed more about the plot and direction of Teen Wolf: The Movie here’s everything we know. Directed by Russell Mulcahy and written by the returning Jeff Davies, the Teen Wolf Movie will bring the adored supernaturals back to the big screen. Small details about the Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s plot have been teased, which means audiences can finally catch a glimpse of what the reprisal of the 2011 MTV series will bring.

The relatively quick turnaround in the production of Teen Wolf: The Movie is certainly related to the cast’s enthusiasm for the series, but its last season cancellation led many to call for more from the Teen Wolf canon since it ended in 2017. The trailer confirms the reprisal of several favorite cast members including Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, Tyler Hoechlin who left as Teen Wolf‘s Derek Hale, and Shelley Hennig as Malia Tate. Not only this but it also reveals the return of The Oni, the main antagonists of season 3.


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Given these exciting reveals, what Teen Wolf: The Movie could bring is yet to be entirely confirmed, but it will certainly be popular amongst Teen Wolf fans. From the Kanima to The Oni, the series certainly brought a host of villains to its audience, but the latest we were left with was the gang’s fight against their most threatening villain: the Anuk-Ite. Such an antagonist was a terrifying two-faced monster, originating from North American mythology. Though the trailer did not reveal any specific links between the Anuk-Ite and the movie, The Oni are returning — in addition to a whole new villain for the franchise: Allison Argent.

Why A Teen Wolf Movie Is Happening Instead Of Season 7

Instead of a season 7, Teen Wolf: The Movie is to be released for the same reason the series was canceled in the first place: poor ratings. It was certainly a hit when it first aired, but as the show progressed, many lost interests in Teen Wolf‘s increasingly complex storylines. Instead of releasing another season of the show, Paramount+ has decided to use it as a springboard into a new show: Wolf Pack. Such a show is entirely unrelated to the series and in fact, based on a series of novels by Canadian author Edo Van Belkom.

The return of the Teen Wolf canon demonstrates another iteration in a trend of the reprisal of teen dramas revered by millennials: Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin being one of them. Perhaps the Wolf Pack show was created in line with these trends and to compete with HBO’s Original Sin. Regardless, how the movie will link to such a release has yet to be confirmed, with the synopsis only giving limited hints on the movie’s plotline.

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Teen Wolf Movie Cast: Which Characters Are Returning

A plethora of the original Teen Wolf stars is returning in the movie. As already mentioned, Posey, Hoechlin, and Henning will be reprising their roles. They are alongside Colton Hayes as Jackson Whittemore, Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar, Ian Bohen as Peter Hale, JR Bourne as Chris Argent, and Linden Ashby as Sheriff Stilinski, among a few others. The most surprising return was revealed at the end of the trailer: Crystal Reed as Allison Argent killed off in Teen Wolf season 3. Though Teen Wolf regularly reincarnated a few characters as villains, Allison’s complicated status throughout the series as protagonist and antagonist looks to become even more complex as she returns to the movie as a villain. This was suggested when Scott ominously exclaimed, “She’s back!” to Chris Argent towards the end of the trailer.

Which Actors Aren’t Returning For The Teen Wolf Movie

Unfortunately, Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski will not be returning in Teen Wolf: The Movie. When asked why, he said that though the show meant a lot to him and his career he “decided it was left in a really good place for me and I still want to leave it there” (via Variety). He stressed that he wishes the movie every success, but Dylan O’Brien has decided to move on to other upcoming projects. Though his presence will be missed, his reasoning is clear so fans surely can’t blame him. His feature in Teen Wolf has earned him places in some exciting movies, so he will surely have more lined up on the horizon.

Teen Wolf Movie Story: What Is It About & What Does It Need To Finish?

Though plot details are scarce for this movie, what is confirmed is the time jump and location. Set almost a decade in the future, Teen Wolf: The Movie will be based in Beacon Hills town: the main location of the Teen Wolf series. Scott is no longer a teenager but has still maintained his status as an Alpha Werewolf — though his powers look to be put to the test as teased in his uncomfortable expressions and luminescent eyes in the trailer. Life as an Alpha is difficult as shown in Teen Wolf season 3, so Scott has done well to hold on to his legacy. The movie will center around the main villain who is described as “the deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced” (via TV Insider). The nature of such a villain will be undoubtedly supernatural, given Allison Argent’s return and the frequent appearance of The Oni throughout the trailer.

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The ending of season 6 may have an effect on the plot of Teen Wolf: The Movie. At the end of season 6, Teen Wolf had a Scott voiceover that explained what was different about Beacon Hills. Werewolves and Banshees could now live in a world where humans know of them but are not afraid of them. How this will manifest itself is only something the movie can confirm. The return of Derek, Jackson, and Ethan in Monroe and Gerard’s war against the supernatural in the finale of Teen Wolf season 6 had a vast effect on the Teen Wolf universe, too. Though Scott and his friends beat Monroe in Beacon Hills and destroyed the Anuk-Ite, there were still many others loyal to Monroe’s cause. Other hunters outside of Beacon Hills may therefore want to continue Monroe’s legacy. Though season 6 hinted at Scott’s perennial battle against those who wish to destroy the supernatural, how he will combat those still loyal to the anti-supernatural cause outside Beacon Hills surely complicates his vision of a town, where both humans and the supernatural can live peacefully alongside one another.

Allison’s reveal in the trailer reveals her donning her arsenal of weapons, so perhaps her return is linked to Monroe’s broader cause. Though Stiles’ absence from Teen Wolf: The Movie is a disappointment, Allison’s return as a villain would be a seamless link between movie and series and an interesting way for Teen Wolf to tie up the loose ends on the series that was cut so short. Allison’s complex relationship with Scott and her family of supernatural hunters will surely be explored further in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Release Date

Teen Wolf: The Movie was called by Paramount+ back in September 2021, so it is clear the film will release on their newest platform. Teen Wolf: The Movie is set to be released on the Paramount+ streaming platform on October 15th. Though the time is yet to be revealed, it will certainly motivate Teen Wolf fans to consider a subscription.

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Watch the Teen Wolf: The Movie trailer below:

Seasons 1-6 of MTV’s Teen Wolf series are available to watch on Netflix now. 

  • Teen Wolf: The Movie (2022)Release date: Jul 23, 2022
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