Everything About Considering the Choice of SUV in Pre-Owned Models

An SUV, or sport utility vehicle, is pretty favourite among people for providing both on-road and off-road driving comfort. These four-wheel drive-type vehicles tend to have an elevated ground clearance compared to other automobile varieties, making them suitable for driving on bumpy or uneven terrain. These cars can have standard features like skid plates and tow hooks to bolster off-road capabilities. While these initially served utility purposes, modern SUVs combine luxury features and amenities, making them popular with families and individuals. Today, SUVs are highly in-demand options. Their pricing can differ from one place to another, even in the same format. However, Canada still offers more affordable SUVs than anywhere else.
Nevertheless, you can still anticipate them being expensive or out of reach for many who want to own a new model. If you don’t have any such problem apart from budget constraints, you can choose the alternative path – by selecting a pre-owned one. Search for a used SUV for sale Calgary in Google, and you will get plenty of options. Here are some insights to help make your purchase satisfying and value for money.
What to look for in a pre-owned SUV?

Maintenance history

You may be fascinated with some brands and be willing to pay any price within your reach. But you must note that the brand doesn’t guarantee the vehicle’s health. Of course, the big names ensure their car has the best of everything. Still, you can do due diligence on your side. You need to check their maintenance and repair status. An older model can demand more servicing and care. So, you can test drive the vehicle to ensure all its parts are smooth and functioning, and there is no hidden trouble that can prove expensive down the road. Many dealers offer an excellent range of Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, Porsche, and others. These brands can give you the most satisfying driving experience.


Like any vehicle, SUVs can also face specific transmission issues. That’s why it’s essential to check this area closely. One of them may include a fluid leak, which can be troubling. Or, if the fluid has become dirty, you can struggle with shifting gears. Due to this, you can lose control, and the system can get damaged. You also must ensure the filters are clean because blockage can cause slippage. If any parts responsible for transmission get affected, your SUV will not work correctly. Vibration, clunk, and slow response can signal challenges in this area. If you want to be sure your chosen model doesn’t have any issues, try driving it at a varied speed range from light to full throttle. Sometimes, the problem can be fixable with a software update or replacement.

Sunroof & power tailgate

SUVs can be the epitome of versatility and practicality. Some models feature additional amenities to make them more convenient and comfortable. Two such highlights are power tailgates and panoramic sunroofs. Power tailgates can be motorized systems that enable you to open and close the hatch at the push of a button – you don’t think twice about how to manage things when both your hands are full. You can rely on this feature even more if you have to keep a heavy-weight or bulky item in the back. On the other hand, sunroofs offer a wider field of view while letting in significantly more light than a traditional sunroof. If you are outdoorsy, you may enjoy this specific feature even more.

If you don’t want unkind surprises with these, investigate your SUV thoroughly. Make sure all the buttons, switches, and tailgate are working fine. Try it multiple times to remove any doubt or confusion. The hatch should open and close fully without any latching issues or getting stuck. Sometimes, all a faulty tailgate may need is a minor latch adjustment, but other times it may be because of the electric motor. Such hardware jobs can be expensive.

For the sunroof, you need to spend about two minutes to figure out the leakage issue. Check the tire well, carpeted areas, and the edges of the carpets that merge with a firewall for dampness. Because leaks can lead to rust, mould, and damage to car parts, you would want to be sure that the choice of your SUV is safe from this. You don’t wish its resale value to nosedive soon. So, you will want to know whether these things have any problems in the used SUV and how much repair they demand. A vehicle with water leaks may not be a good buying decision.

Like this, you can investigate all the other components and details unless you know everything is alright and worth your money. Since SUVs are great practical vehicles, Canadians spend their money on them, whether first-hand or second-hand. Hence, you may want to own this and make your daily life and outdoor travels safer and smoother.

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