Everyone’s saying the same thing as C5 shows The Emoji Movie during the funeral

BILLIONS are watching the Queen’s funeral, which is being attended by the Royal Family and leaders from around the world.

The momentous occasion is being aired on several channels, including BBC, ITV and Sky, however Channel 5 has taken a different approach.


Channel 5 has chosen to air The Emoji Movie instead of the Queen’s funeralCredit: Kobal Collection – Shutterstock
Billions are watching the funeral around the world, on channels such as BBC, ITV and Sky


Billions are watching the funeral around the world, on channels such as BBC, ITV and SkyCredit: PA
The Prince and Princess of Wales spotted at Westminster Abbey


The Prince and Princess of Wales spotted at Westminster AbbeyCredit: AFP

Instead of showing the Queen’s funeral, the channel is instead airing The Emoji Movie, followed by Stuart Little and Ice Age.

Many parents have taken to Twitter to praise the channel for sharing family-friendly entertainment, given many schools have closed today for the bank holiday.

One person said: “To be fair, it’s good to see them doing something like this. 

“Most families will have 2 TVs so adults can watch it and children watch the film. 

Tearful King Charles leads Queen Elizabeth II's coffin as it heads to Windsor
Kate pays touching tribute to the Queen & Philip wearing monarch’s necklace

“It’s a shame BBC aren’t doing something similar with BBC3.”

Another added that they “don’t understand the criticism of Channel 5 for showing The Emoji Movie during the queen’s funeral.”

They explained: “What are kids of families who don’t have paid TV/streaming supposed to do otherwise, sit and watch people in suits look overly sad for six hours?”

BBC One will stream live coverage throughout the day starting with BBC Breakfast.

BBC iPlayer is also offering a free online live-stream of the event.

Today, King Charles walked in solemn procession behind Her Majesty’s coffin, draped in the Royal Standard flag, and topped with her Crown, Orb and Sceptre.

He was accompanied by her other children Andrew, Anne and Edward, and grandchildren Princes William and Harry.

The family then took their seats alongside leaders from around the world to say goodbye to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

And they all appeared deeply moved by the big day, being watched by billions across the globe.

At several points, the King, James, Viscount Severn, and Sophie Wessex seemed to have tears in their eyes.

They then bowed their heads, faces stricken with grief, during a poignant two minute’s silence, followed by the national anthem.

Trumpeters then sounded Reveille before the slow procession out of the Abbey began.

It comes as…

Hundreds of thousands of mourners have lined the streets outside the Abbey for the service – the climax of what has been described as the biggest security operation the UK has ever seen.

Some dedicated royal fans have even been camping out since Friday to bag the best spots – and by 9am, all public viewing areas along the procession route were full.

They are all hoping to catch one last glimpse of Her Majesty before she makes her way from London to Windsor to be reunited with her husband Prince Philip, who died last year aged 99.

Billions more are tuning in from pubs, cinemas, outdoor big screens, cathedrals and their living rooms across the globe to experience the once-in-a-lifetime event – expected to be the most watched broadcast of all time.

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