Eternity Wars, and other MCU movie titles

One of Marvel’s most exciting MCU events of the year is lined up for Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). We expect Marvel to reveal additional details about the main storyline of the current saga this year, although it’s unclear whether Comic-Con will include an Avengers 5 reveal. However, several trademarks have leaked ahead of Marvel’s panel. After Secret Wars with Avengers Avengers: The Kang DynastyOn Friday afternoon, the trademark leak revealed that the trademark had been leaked. Avengers: Eternity WarsIt has been reported.

These are only a few. AvengersThese two leaks revealed movie titles. These trademark leaks also revealed several other MCU project titles, including some very exciting. Captain America titles.

The trademark leaked

The Avengers: Eternity WarsSoon after Friday’s first round MCU leaks, a trademark leak occurred. Here are the first five trademarks online, two of which were listed. Avengers movies.

Secret WarsIt makes perfect sense to be an Avengersbased on what has been happening in Phase 4 of the MCU so far. Multiverse is the central theme of this phase of adventures. Doctor Strange 2Already planted the seeds Secret Wars.

Friday’s first round of trademark leaks even mentioned what could be the name of the current saga: Multiverse SagaIt makes complete sense.

Loki Finale: Kang (Jonathan Majors). Image source: Marvel Studios

The first three MCU phases were added to the final product. Infinity SagaThis culminated in the Infinity War Endgame movies.

The first round leaks confirm the inevitable Avengers vs. Kang confrontation, which will likely lead directly into Secret Wars. Kang (Jonathan Majors) is, of course. He was one of the major villains Marvel introduced in Phase 4.

What is it? Avengers: Eternity Wars?

With this in mind, we don’t know what to do. Avengers: Eternity Wars is, or when we’d see it. We do know that Eternity is a Marvel character we briefly met in Thor: Love and Thunder. However, there’s no apparent connection between Eternity and the Avengers at this point.

We’ll also note that there’s no guarantee that Marvel will use these titles for MCU projects in the near or distant future. But that doesn’t change the fact that trademark applications for these Marvel properties exist.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Scene from The Falcon and Winter SoldierTrailer: Samuel Wilson (Anthony Mackie), in front of the Captain America shield. In the background, is a poster featuring Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Image source: Marvel Studios

The SecondThe trademark leak also contains exciting movie titles Avengers: Eternity Wars. It includes not only one, but also two. Captain America movie titles. These could be movies with two different Cap versions. One is Nomad, which could mark Chris Evans’s return to the MCU.

These are the titles in this Marvel trademark leak.

Comic-Con will Marvel unveil Avengers movies?

While Avengers: Eternity WarsWhile the title above remains the most thrilling, there are sequels. Shang-Chi EternalsYou can find the list here. Then there’s the Midnight SonsCrossover and what appears to have been the first Black Knight solo movie.

Are these titles going to be announced by Marvel at Comic-Con this year? We’ll just have to wait and see. Remember that Marvel will also be attending the D23 Expo in September. Another event could be held by the studio.

Finally, we’ll add that Marvel has yet to confirm any of these trademarks, and we can’t be sure whether or not they’ve been filed for the MCU.

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