Early-Stage Companies Should Consider Marketing By Building In Public

Michelle Marcelline is the co-founder of Typedream, a nocode website builder. Connect with her about nocode and startup journey via Twitter.

If an early-stage company hasn’t determined its target audience yet, it’s often best practice to avoid paid marketing. This helps businesses avoid high customer acquisition costs that they can’t sustain. However, relying on product-led growth doesn’t always work, considering most early-stage companies offer simpler products than their more established competitors. Until these businesses has a substantial paid marketing budget, a useful approach they can try is building in public.

How Building In Public Raises Brand Awareness

Building in public is when company founders take on their business’ marketing. But instead of directly promoting their products or services, they share their business journey, including their learnings, successes and failures. This allows them to build their company’s brand awareness—and, by extension, awareness of their offerings.

Generally, companies need to build an audience around their product, and customers are increasingly looking for businesses they can build connections with. By taking a building in public approach to marketing, early-stage businesses can let their potential audiences know who they are and what they do, what they’re good at, what they experience and what insights they can offer. Getting people interested in this journey helps companies create a solid community of potential customers.

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