Data-driven analysis pays off for cannabis retailers and consumers

Data collection and analysis is a key part of running a modern business, and the cannabis space is no exception. With the industry still in its nascent stage, there are no playbooks for determining which products will sell or what strains you should be growing. 

That’s where companies like Massachusetts-based Canold come into play. The company sorts through piles of cannabis data produced by seed-to-sale tracking systems and other cannabis-related software to create actionable insight for businesses. 

I recently sat down with Matt Kurtzman, the company’s founder and CEO, to talk about how he got into the cannabis space and the way Canold’s work impacts cannabis consumers and the general public. 

What inspired you to get into the cannabis industry?

Kurtzman: I’ve always been interested in cannabis. I started using cannabis in high school, and it was always a part of my life in some capacity. As my career progressed, I focused on data analytics and business intelligence. As cannabis legislation started to change in Massachusetts, it became interesting that new things were going on in the space. I never really thought I would have a place in the cannabis industry, but then in 2017 I was transiting out of my consulting career and into an alcohol distillery that I had started with a few friends in college. 

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