Chris Evans & Ana De Armas’ Next Movie Will Break A Big Trend

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans’ next movie collaboration, Ghosted, will finally break a trend in terms of how their previous characters were situated.

After portraying enemies in their previous collaborations, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas will exhibit a new dynamic in Ghosted. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas first starred opposite one another in Rian Johnson’s hit 2019 murder mystery Knives Out, where Armas played the nurse of the grandfather of Evans’ character. The two reunited for Netflix’s 2022 action movie The Gray Man, with Armas playing a sympathetic CIA agent while Evans portrayed a sociopathic mercenary.

Following The Gray Man, the A-list stars will be seen together on-screen in the upcoming Apple TV+ movie Ghosted, another action-filled story for the duo. While the plot is still under wraps, Ghosted has been described as a romantic adventure film with Ana de Armas and Chris Evans as the leads. Armas’ role of Sadie was originally cast with Evans’ frequent collaborator Scarlett Johansson, but the actress reportedly dropped out of Ghosted due to scheduling conflicts.


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Although the details of Ana de Armas and Chris Evans’ characters in the Dexter Fletcher-directed film Ghosted have yet to be released, the romantic adventure genre teases that the actors will finally be partners working together in the upcoming movie. This breaks the biggest trend of Armas and Evans’ collaborations so far, as Knives Out and The Gray Man pegged their characters against one another, with Armas portraying a hero while Evans plays a villain. Rather than Armas playing a character that has to stop the murderous rampage of Evans’ role, Ghosted finally has the actors playing on the same side.

Chris Evans & Ana De Armas’ Trend Can Make Ghosted Even Better

Chris Evans Ana de Armas Knives Out

Since audiences are now well-attuned to seeing Evans and Armas pinned as enemies, presenting them as allies in Ghosted will be a refreshing change to their dynamic. Knives Out gave a quick glimpse of what the two working together in an adventure would look like when Evans’ character feigned innocence to Armas’ protagonist. However, Ghosted will finally realize this teased relationship (hopefully without any villainous twists). Armas and Evans have clearly already shown that they have compelling chemistry when situated as enemies, so turning the expectations of their animosity into a love story is bound to make their upcoming movie Ghosted all the more captivating.

Ghosted is also the first time in a Chris Evans and Ana de Armas collaboration where they’ll spend the majority of the movie acting opposite one another. In Knives Out, Armas and Evans only shared a few scenes after the first half of the movie, but they were certainly memorable interactions. Similarly, The Gray Man hardly pairs the duo in the same scene together, with the majority of Armas’ time in the action thriller being spent with Ryan Gosling. After teasing the fun chemistry of Ana de Armas and Chris Evans for so long, Ghosted finally utilizes their shared appeal to the full effect.

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