Bounty’s children happy to celebrate with him on his birthday | Entertainment

The children of dancehall legend Rodney ‘Bounty Killer’ Price were only too happy to share in their father’s big 50th birthday at the party in downtown Kingston at Digicel Headquarters parking lot on Sunday. His son, Javar, who is very rarely seen in the spotlight, told The Gleaner that he had to be there “because it’s family”.

“I feel happy, I feel joyful, I feel blessed to have such a father … a dancehall legend. To be honest, it is a little overwhelming more while. If yuh notice, yuh don’t usually see me because I don’t like the media attention and the spotlight. But this time I have to come out because it’s family. He’s my father, and today is his actual birthday, and he is a family man,” Javar said with a smile.

His 13-year-old sister, Rajana, too, had only nice things to say about her dad.

“Well, honestly, I am glad to see that my father has made it to see so many years on this earth, and I just wish to be celebrating many more with him,” Rajana said. “I did get him a gift, and I have plans to take him out somewhere special.”

Just moments before, an amiable Bounty Killer, looking like the typical proud dad, had posed for our cameras with four of his children – Rajana, Javar, Jessica, and Myjah. Having totally ditched his “cross, angry miserable” persona, Bounty was still dressed in his trademark full black, looking much like the five-star general and the Grunggad that he is reputed to be. He was in his element in the sprawling Hennessey booth, which had been specially reserved for him, and the crush was real as fans and media jostled to get close to the man of the moment. Bounty was busy as he held an audience with the likes of Dr Shaggy, Dancehall Queen Spice, Busy Signal, and a host of other artistes who had come to pay their respects, up close and personal, to a giant in dancehall.

Special mention must be made of the K Queens, the twins who have been part of Bounty’s Alliance since they were quite young and who have grown into charming young ladies. They, too, hailed Bounty as an excellent role model and a father figure. Now based overseas, the girls flew in specially for the celebration because for them, not being there wasn’t even an option.

Dubbed Made in Jam Roc, the free event hosted by Digicel was almost railroaded by heavy showers and gusty winds, which started minutes after 8 p.m. and sent hundreds of patrons scurrying for shelter. But in the aftermath, the rain was declared to be a blessing, and the selectors kept the juggling heavy and steady as the dancers showed off their moves on stage to keep patrons entertained until show time at 11 p.m.

And what a show it was! It was comparable to Reggae Sumfest’s electrifying Dancehall Night as artistes like Popcaan, Tanya Stephens, Dexta Daps, Shaggy, Spice, Busy Signal, Munga Honorable, Jahshii, Ghost, General B, Wickerman, LaaLee, Chi Ching, Nesbeth, Voicemail, and Khago rolled out large to celebrate with Bounty. Many of them paid tribute to Bounty Killer for his role in advancing their careers.

Bounty Killer, a Digicel brand ambassador, reminded fans during his too-short performance that although it was great to be outdoor partying, the COVID-19 virus was still around and urged them to be careful.

In a pre-party release, Nasha-Monique Douglas, chief marketing officer for Digicel, stated,: “Our celebration of Bounty is inspired by his milestone birthday moment that spans generations and cultures. We are so excited to celebrate him by giving his fans – most of whom are already Digicel customers – the opportunity to get tickets to come and party with a true dancehall legend.”

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