Bloating During Periods? Try These Lifestyle Changes

Every month, women face many hormonal changes. They have to face periods and due to that, they have mood swings, stomach pain, stress and bloating. While having periods is normal and healthy for the body, the issues attached to them create a lot of problems. Stomach pain and gas troubles in the month are often caused by periods.

According to Healthline, this is a common problem that ends on its own. But, if it is due to our lifestyle, we need to make some changes to see the result and cure the pain and other problems.

Let’s take a look at ways to control bloating during periods.

Control bloating during periods

Keep yourself hydrated

Many times, due to dehydration, we face the issue of bloating. The more water you consume during periods, the better it is for you. You can also consume coconut water and pomegranate juice to keep yourself hydrated.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

Consuming alcohol and caffeine can increase the problem of bloating. So when you are on your periods, try consuming healthy drinks instead of alcohol and caffeine. Instead of tea or coffee in the morning, you can consume ginger tea, green tea or mint tea etc.

Avoid stress

If you are having a lot of stress, it will also hamper your periods. Try staying stress-free as much as possible. You can also try yoga, meditation and massage, etc.

Avoid smoking

If you have a habit of smoking, it can lead to many problems like bloating during periods. It is recommended to avoid smoking during your periods.

Avoid spicy food:

During periods, women often prefer eating spicy food. But salt-filled spicy foods increase the problem even more. It is better to consume healthy food instead of unhealthy snacks.

If you have gas troubles during your periods, try walking for a while. Exercising regularly can also help you during periods and can avoid problems like bloating.

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