Area high school is advertising to attract new students

(KSNT) – Jefferson West High School student enrollment has been down for years, now, in light of a proposed state bill that would allow students to attend schools in different districts, Jefferson West is advertising to attract new students.

UDS 340 has been using radio ads, flyers, and social media posts to get the word out and bring students to their school.

“We know that the intention of the legislature is to give parents and families more choice when it comes to public education. And so, we feel as a community and as a board that it’s very important that we share how much we love our community, how much the school is a big part of our community, and how important that investment is, USD 340 Superintendent Jason Crawford said.

Concerns about where the money is coming from to advertise have come up, the district said the money is coming from the communications budget.

“Everything we do, we do for our district, we do for our community. So, we do a lot of meetings, we do different ideas, we do galas, we do all different fundraisers for the district to bring in the money. So, we do carnivals, all sorts of fun things,” Erin Payne, Booster Club President told 27 News. “We want to share with everyone how wonderful the small-town community is with kind of the big town feel, and so we’ve got to tell our story. Our students, our teachers tell our story every day, and for us, we need to tell the community about the wonderful things.”

The district said the ads are meant to attract students to the school district and bring more people to Meriden which would grow the school’s overall population.

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