Are Your Marketing And PR Tactics Harming Your Brand?

Azadeh Williams is the Managing Partner of AZK Media, a global B2B agency helping technology companies grow in new and emerging markets.

In today’s content-saturated environment, getting noticed as a B2B business is hard, especially if you’re a technology company seeking expansion. In this article, I’ll take you through some of the fatal mistakes we see technology vendors make when expanding to new markets. These things do more harm than good for brand awareness and perceived value in new regions:

Relying On Newswires With No Personalized Press Outreach

Smart technology companies know they need to get their brand in front of the right media and third-party channels to get noticed in new markets. However, one of the fatal mistakes companies make is relying purely on “newswire” placements.

Without proper due diligence, this risks your news announcements getting picked up by irrelevant news sites—or worse, syndicated to sites that could actually harm your brand reputation. Make sure you have local PR support on the ground to navigate you through these hurdles.

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