5 Pandemic Habits You Should Continue for a Healthier Lifestyle

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, no one imagined that it would cause such drastic changes even in the smallest of our habits. Now, as the world looks forward to the end of COVID-19, it is time we learned our lesson and keep it in mind for years to come. After all, prevention is better than cure and no one would want to live through the nightmare of a pandemic again. Here are 5 simple pandemic habits that we should stick to for a healthier lifestyle:

Washing Hands

The 20-second investment into stopping the spread of germs kept us safer from severe health complications in the pandemic. It is the simplest habit to make sure nothing compromises our health. Always wash your hands after an outdoor session and before handling any food or touching your face.


Masks are necessary not only to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus but to prevent other respiratory illnesses as well. It gives out the immune system a layer of protection from environmental pollutants that may infect our respiratory tract. Try to always wear a mask while stepping out, especially when you’re sick.

Skip the Handshakes

Once a part of our usual greeting, handshakes, now seems to be a thing of the past, and perhaps it should remain that way. Handshakes can be a very easy career of a virus from one person to another. So, going back to them doesn’t appear to be a good idea.

Homemade Food

With a lot of time on our hands, we did everything from the Dalgona Coffee Challenge to baking Banana Bread. Our cooking skills upgraded, and we got closer to our loved ones while sharing home-cooked meals. A well-balanced diet prepared at home is better for our overall health than ordering in.

Alternative Workouts

Gyms were closed, we were stuck indoors, and it was time to look for ways to stay active and healthy. And we got creative. Looking for new workout routines that work best for our bodies should not become a habit forgotten. Not just physical, regular workouts also help in reducing stress to boost our mental well-being.

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