25 Gifts for Teachers Who Seriously Deserve a Big Thank-You

Taking care of one child is no small feat. Now imagine 25 of them packed in a classroom, all wanting to go in a different direction. Let’s be real—teachers who manage just that deserve all the praise and recognition. They take on one of the hardest jobs and are required to smile through it. It takes tons of energy, love, and patience to succeed as a teacher, and they do it all with minimal support and funding. Now that deserves a great big thank-you from all of us.

Whether you’re a parent relying on a teacher’s wisdom and knowledge to educate your kids, or a young adult wishing to give thanks to someone who’s impacted your life, we stumble onto the question: What can I gift my teacher that will show my appreciation for them? And because each parent-teacher-student relationship is different, the answer is going to vary from situation to situation.

We’ve rounded up 25 gifts for teachers that hit a variety of categories, but rest assured, all these presents will show your favorite teacher your gratitude to them. Whether you opt for a self-care package, edible goods, or useful appliances, you truly cannot go wrong with the following 25 gifts for teachers.

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The blue-light blocking glasses are an affordable, thoughtful, and useful gift for teachers. When you’ve hit that trifecta, you know you’ve got a great gift on your hands.


Best Personalized Gift

Hand-Painted Canvas Shopper Tote, Pink-Green

One can never have too many tote bags, particularly ones that are personalized and would look great on a beach! Teachers deserve a break from all the work they do, and this gift inspires them to embark on a mini getaway.

Holding the attention of students for a full day requires tons of energy. Remind them that some relaxation time is in order with this candle gift set.

4 Oprah’s The Life You Want™ Planner

Teachers spend a lot of time worried about the well-being of others. Remind them that they deserve to invest as much time and love into themselves as well, with the “The Life You Want” planner.


Gift That Gives to Charity

Teacher Education Equality Beaded Bracelet

This little bracelet actually serves as a double gift. The first being this sweet little beaded jewelry, and the second being that 25 percent of the proceeds will go to supporting preK-12 teachers through adoptaclassroom.org

6 Live Your Best Life™ Mug

All that talking and holding everyone’s attention is going to make a teacher feel both thirsty and drained. Why not gift them a to-go mug so their favorite beverage can always keep them centered and calm.

Teachers deserve to come home to a cozy space, and nothing brings more life to home like a plant. The best part of the snake plant is that it requires minimal care, so you don’t have to worry about whether your teacher has a green thumb.


Best Gift for Foodies

Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Got a foodie on your hands? Then the Truff hot sauce set will spice up their dinner plates. It comes with a near-perfect 5-star rating, so you really can’t go wrong with this gift!

9 Luxury Bar Soap Trio Gift Set

Another thoughtful gift for teachers is this bar soap set. It’s a simple yet beautiful gift that will come in handy (see what we did there?) for just about anyone.


Best Gift for Beauty Lovers

Afterglow Lip Balm Trio

If the teacher in question has a side hobby of being a beauty guru, why not opt for a lip balm set? It’s more subtle than lipsticks, and could easily be worn during teaching hours as well.


Best Jewelry Gift

Gold and Rose Quartz Heart Pendant Necklace

Did this teacher really impact your life? Do they feel like more than just a teacher to you? Some teachers have that effect. A heart pendant necklace will let them know what they mean to you.

12 Michael Storrings A Day at The Bookstore 1,000-Piece Puzzle

This puzzle gift is perfect for the teacher who either 1) loves puzzles or 2) has a family and loves game nights. It’s got 1,000 pieces and is sure to keep a person entertained for a while!

13 Scuffita Genuine Shearling Slide Slipper

Teachers do a lot of standing, and these Ugg slippers will allow their hardworking feet to truly relax after a long day. This soft gift will certainly make your favorite teacher smile.


Safe Bet Gift

Personalized Teacher Appreciation Cookies, Set of 4

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with some delicious cookies (although we recommend checking their dietary restrictions first). These adorable cookies can be personalized as well.


The Perfect Gift Set

Mindful Moments Curated Gift Box

This thoughtful gift box comes with a mug, white peony tea, a hand towel, a notebook, a pen, and fuzzy socks. You can even incorporate a handwritten note, should you wish to do so.


Eco-Friendly Gift

Plantable Candle

This unique soy candle, as the headline suggests, transforms into a pot once it’s all burned out. It comes with a set of culinary herb seeds they can plant, making this an everlasting and eco-friendly gift for teachers.

17 Acrylic Dry Erase Memo Tablet

Teachers have a lot on their to-do lists. So why not help them organize with this cute dry-erase memo tablet?

18 Bamboo Art Supply Organizer

The sad truth is that many teachers are typically under-supplied. A gift like this shows them you care and want to see them succeed. Not only will the teacher get a lot of use from this gift, but so will their students.


Best Organizing Gift

Lively Floral Weekly Desk Pad

Another fun organizational gift is this weekly planner from Rifle Paper Co. Its beautiful stationery never fails to make planning and organizing more enjoyable.


Best Self-Care Kit

Tub Kit Mineral Bath Salt Soak and Coconut Milk Set

Self-care days—we all know we need more of them! Especially teachers who have taken on the role of caring for not one, not two, but a whole classroom full of kids. This gift features a salt soak and a coconut milk bath.

Teachers spend a lot of time standing in front of the class, talking. Which means their precious coffees get left on the desk, cooling. Let them come back to a warm cup each time with this self-heating coffee mug.


Most Useful Gift

Cloud Bag

Perhaps your favorite teacher is way overdue for a new work bag; theirs probably has wear and tear from carrying all those lesson plans.

23 CozyChic™ Camo Throw Blanket

Another gift for teachers that will be well-received are throw blankets. You can find this soft, fluffy blanket in a variety of designs as well.


Best Funny Gift

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers

Help them get a good laugh in with F in Exams—a collection of test answers that are totally, very, definitely wrong. It will help ease up a year’s worth of tension for the teacher!

25 Teacher Affirmation Cards

Gift your teacher these gentle reminders that they are doing well. They’re simple cards they can keep in their desk drawers and frequently turn to when teaching gets a little rough.

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