13-Year-Old Monkey Fire Station Pet | History

The title of this article was one of the headlines in the Oct. 18, 1936, Quincy Herald-Whig. The three-paragraph article is the only known source of information for this odd story. The monkey named Satan was removed from the home of Mrs. Frances Fink in a fire truck to his new home in the basement of the Central Fire Station. It is not known how long he stayed with the firemen, how long he lived, nor the size nor kind of monkey he was.

With a name like Satan, we could infer that he was removed for safety reasons from Mrs. Fink’s boarding house, where he had lived for 11 years, because of a devilish personality. Or we might suspect that in a community dotted with churches there must have been some objection from local clergymen about the monkey’s netherworld-ish name.

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