10 Zombie Movies That Aren’t About Zombies

The zombie style has been round for a very long time, and as a subgenre of horror, it has demonstrated time and time once more the way it’s made a reputation for itself. With groundbreaking zombie collection akin to The Strolling Lifeless, unbelievable current movies akin to Practice To Busan and even classics like Evening Of The Dwelling Lifeless, it is easy to see why persons are devoted followers.

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It’s normal for different kinds of movies to be positioned within the zombie style attributable to their comparable conventions, although that will not all the time be the case. Whereas the confusion is comprehensible, it is value noting that some movies which are categorized as zombie movies would possibly really be one thing else. Movies of apocalyptic occasions, contagious infections, and different varieties of organic situations are separate from the zombie subgenre, however they’re nonetheless simply pretty much as good.

10/10 The Crazies Is A Horror Remake About A Violent Contagion

Launched in 2010, The Crazies follows a city that has been with a wierd virus that turns its victims into homicidal killers. Because the city turns right into a frenzy and the townspeople struggle to flee, a sheriff and his spouse try to survive the plague that devastated their city.

The Crazies is a remake of the 1973 movie of the identical identify. The movie manages to maintain the identical plot whereas including extra particular results and motion, making it extra memorable and gratifying than the unique.

9/10 The Unhappiness Options A Homicidal Virus

The Unhappiness is a Taiwanese zombie film full with violence, gore, and devastation. The movie follows a pair that struggle to seek out one another as a viral outbreak in Taiwan turns the contaminated residents into crazed homicidal individuals.

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Whereas it is unknown how the an infection spreads precisely, individuals rapidly flip and develop homicidal urges that give the pleasure in violently harming and killing individuals. As a result of the contaminated are bloodthirsty, it is easy to see how they’re just like zombies. Nonetheless, the contaminated in The Unhappiness are nonetheless capable of converse, use weapons, and really feel merciless pleasure.

8/10 Slither Offers With Parasitic Aliens

Slither is a 2006 horror movie that includes Michael Rooker as Grant, a person contaminated by an alien parasite that begins turning him right into a monster. As Grant transforms, he begins infecting the townspeople with parasitic creatures with a view to destroy any dwelling factor on Earth.

Slither is James Gunn’s directorial debut and follows the quirky horror comedy components that’s usually related together with his works. The movie provides a distinct look into the zombie style by introducing the idea of an alien invasion. The movie is extremely gory and lives as much as its title with the disgusting slug-like creatures featured within the movie.

7/10 The Evil Lifeless Exchanges An Infectious Virus For A Demonic Possession

A basic horror movie that depicts demonic possession versus an infectious virus, Evil Lifeless follows a gaggle of pals that go to a cabin within the woods. There, they discover a tape with a recording that by accident releases demons.

Whereas the zombies or “deadites,” as they’re known as within the movie, aren’t the everyday undead, they provide a extra terrifying model of the film monster. Evil Lifeless is a good cult basic horror movie with comedic components and an amazing efficiency from Bruce Campbell as Ash, the beloved chainsaw-wielding hero.

6/10 28 Days Later Has A Rage Virus

28 Days Later is a 2002 British movie that includes Cillian Murphy as Jim, a person who wakes from a coma 28 days after the outbreak to seek out that each one of London has been devastated by a lethal virus. As Jim tries to understand what is going on, he should band with different survivors to discover a approach to escape the contaminated.

The best way the zombies in 28 Days Later differ from the everyday zombie is in the way in which the signs current themselves. The an infection is named a “rage” virus as a result of these go on a murderous rampage, and whereas their purpose is to kill, they do not really devour human flesh.

5/10 I Am Legend Sees A Survivor Creating A Remedy For Vampirism

Based mostly on the ebook of the identical identify, I Am Legend focuses on Robert, a scientist working to discover a remedy after a plague turns everybody into vampiric creatures. I Am Legend sees Robert, who believes he’s the only survivor, meet different survivors who encourage hope in a hopeless scenario.

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The mutants in I Am Legend differ from common zombies in some ways. The signs of the vampiric an infection embrace hair loss and sensitivity to daylight, one thing that is not broadly related to the zombie. The mutants within the movie additionally harbor some intelligence, to the purpose the place they’re able to arrange traps and trick Robert. I Am Legend is kind of an emotional watch, nevertheless it nonetheless has nice performances throughout.

4/10 Chicken Field Facilities On An An infection Unfold By way of Sight

Chicken Field is a 2018 Netflix movie that facilities on an unknown power that assaults Earth and is unfold by eye contact with an invisible entity. The movie stars Sandra Bullock as Malorie, a pregnant lady who embarks on a protracted, perilous journey to discover a rumored sanctuary.

Chicken Field encompasses a menace that’s just like an an infection; nonetheless, it is unfold by trying on the evil power. The affliction causes individuals to hurt themselves and, to a distinct set of individuals, a false sense of enlightenment accompanied by homicidal urges. The movie is exclusive in the way in which the principle menace is portrayed and the way the “an infection” spreads to its victims.

3/10 Contracted Exhibits A Completely different Aspect To A Zombie An infection

Contracted is a horror movie that goes broadly unnoticed by individuals and has a zombie-like premise. A younger lady is contaminated by what she thinks is a sexually transmitted illness, however it’s really one thing far worse. The lady quickly begins decaying from the within out as she experiences the signs of a brand new virus.

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Contracted is distinctive in the way in which an infection is portrayed. The story’s principal focus is not the zombie virus, however reasonably the phases of an infection and the protagonist’s desperation to seek out a solution. The movie options a lot of physique horror that may be fairly horrifying, however it’s nonetheless a very good tackle the zombie style.

2/10 Pontypool Sees An infection Unfold By way of Language

Some of the frequent methods a illness or virus will unfold in a zombie movie is thru bites or scratches. The 2008 Canadian horror movie Pontypool provides a brand new spin to the standard zombie film conventions. The movie follows a radio station DJ who locks himself up within the station with just a few others after an outbreak renders individuals aggressive and homicidal.

The best way by which the an infection is depicted is kind of distinctive: it is unfold by language, and the signs start with the repetition of sure phrases. What separates Pontypool from the zombie style is the truth that the contaminated aren’t lifeless and will be in a roundabout way cured by altering phrase meanings.

1/10 Planet Terror Is A Campy Horror That Options Bloodthirsty Creatures

Launched as part of the Grindhouse double function, Planet Terror facilities on a biochemical spill that causes a close-by city to show into zombie-like creatures known as “Sickos.” Because the an infection spreads and the army goes rogue, a gaggle of survivors tries to flee the overrun city.

What differentiates the sickos from a conventional zombie In Planet Terror is that they are not lifeless, the sickos are merely contaminated and will be cured by an antidote. Another excuse this movie would not fall inside the realm of a zombie film is the an infection itself — it turns individuals into bloodthirsty creatures with distinguishable sores and the power to maintain their psychological capabilities. Planet Terror is a campy tackle the exhausted zombie style.

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